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April 13, 2016 in Beauty, Featured, Life

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A few weeks ago while messaging with a friend before a night out she was in the middle of a beauty crisis. Wanting to wear more than her typical mascara and eyeliner make up routine for a night out, she decided to try contouring her face to add definition. Unfortunately, without any direction she was completely lost and ended up, well let’s say not putting her best face forward!

Fortunately with the new Tutorial line of high quality Make Up brushes by Danielle her crisis would have been adverted. Little did she know it’s your own beauty expert helping each step of the way! Each brush contains a QR code for learning industry tips & tricks on the spot no matter where you are and in no time you will be a cosmetic master. Tutorial has brushes to cover all make up application needs: from flat tipped to tapered.  Simply scan the code and follow along. In under 10 minutes you’ll go from beauty novice to expert with a flawless makeup look.

Even mastering a perfect smokey eye is a breeze as make up professional Annie, teaches you step by step and shares expert tips using the Tutorial Brush Collection in this video.

The collection is a full line up of high quality hypoallergenic brushes. Purchase separately or in handy sets:

Powder Brush: Domed bristles ideal for applying loose powders.

Blush Brush: Ideal for contouring, highlighting, and defining cheek bones.

Danielle Brush - Beauty Shot-3-4Foundation Brush: Synthetic round sleek bristles for precise application of liquid or cream foundation.

Blender Sponge: This sponge is the secret tool for streak-free application blending foundations, primers, and creams effortlessly on skin for professional flawless complexions.

Large Stipple Brush: Utilizing two types of fibers this stipple brush ensures a gorgeous sheer finish when applying makeup. The white synthetic fibers help apply makeup while black bristles blend and diffuse products.

Smokey Eye Set: Including an Eyeshadow Blender, Under Eye Concealer Brush, Pointed Eyeshadow Brush and an Eye Brow Definer Brush.

Stipple Set: Set includes a Large Stipple Brush, Small Stipple Brush and a Tapered Stipple Brush.

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Set: Includes a Brow Brush, Eyeshadow Base Brush, Powder Brush, Lip Liner Brush, Eye Blender Brush and a Blush Brush, all in a convenient carrying case. Available in Black & Pink.

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