Winter Skin Care Tips for Everyone

November 14, 2011 in Beauty

I love winter. It’s my favourite season for many reasons … the fashions, holiday music, the abundance of food, ice skating (I don’t actually do this, but it’s nice to think of) …  and the list goes on. What I don’t love about the winter is the harsh climate conditions that result in dry skin and chapped lips. If you don’t want to look or feel like a velociraptor or any pre-historic animal for that matter, check out the winter skin tips below.

Hydrate Yourself

70% of our bodies are made out of water. Therefore, it is crucial for your overall health to keep hydrated. I completely understand – it’s hard to make it a point to drink eight cups of water throughout the day, but try always having a full glass of water around. You’ll be reaching for that instead of your cup of coffee in no time. Water ($0.00).


Clear out your skin for the new season. Starting with cleaner and healthier skin ensures your winter skin-care routine to be much more effective. Try the Naturally Coarse Scrub Rub in Wild Mint Lime ($16.00). Made with mineral rich Dead Seasalt, this body scrub provides the ultimate exfoliation while it soothes and re-mineralizes the skin; leaving it super soft and well nourished.

Bathe in Liquid Gold

Relax! There is no doubt that stress ages you and makes you look tired and haggard.  End your day with a relaxing and deliciously scented bubble bath. The Golden Maple Sugar Bubble Bath  ($12.00) is one of the best bubble baths out there. It has even been described as “liquid gold.” Go ahead, indulge. You deserve it!Layer on the Moisturizer

It’s good to layer on your clothes in the winter to keep you warm and fashionable, but it’s also good to layer on the moisturizer. Don’t skimp on this and make sure to moisturize your whole body – not just shoulders up. I’ve tried many moisturizers in my day, but my personal favourites are the Naturally Signature Hand and Body Lotion in Creamy Almond Milk ($16.00) and the Naturally Body Butter  ($14.00) in Warm Honey Nectar.



Balms Away!

Use a  lip balm that contains natural ingredients to ensure that those lips of yours are moisturized and kissable. Many lip balms on the market contain chemicals that dry out your lips. The Naturally Lip Balm in Goji Berry Hemp feels great upon application and keeps your lips fabulously moisturized.


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In the meantime, what’s your favourite winter skin care remedy?