We <3 You, Canada!

June 29, 2012 in Life

The title of this post says it all … WE LOVE CANADA! We’re not saying it because it’s the second word in our company’s name. We’re also not proclaiming that it’s the best country in the world (even though it probably is). We’re happy and proud to be Canadian. We’re sure that you’re happy and proud to be who you are, whether it be American, Chinese or Peruvian! Taking pride in where you’re from is important and we definitely celebrate Canada Day here at Upper Canada Soap when the time rolls around.

This year, we dressed up in red and white, devoured Canada Day cupcakes, and entered a “Canada Day” contest where we had to answer “Why do you love Canada?” The answers were all unique but they all had the same themes: diversity, freedom, and love. With that being said, we wanted to share a few answers as to why we LOVE Canada below.

“We are a multi-cultural country and proud of it!”

“Freedom of choice! Great people with big hearts!”

“I love Canada because it gives my family a free and beautiful life.”

“Where else can you live and experience all 4 seasons?”

“It’s the only place on the planet where you can celebrate where you came from and not worry about being judged. The only place that embraces the races, colours, religions and orientations that make people who they are!”

Tell us, why do you love Canada?

Have a wonderful and safe Canada Day long weekend!


Upper Canada Soap