The Importance of “ME” Time

February 28, 2012 in Life

Life is hectic. Temper tantrums, overdue reports, and rush hour traffic … oh, rush hour traffic, how we loathe you. Okay, so the whole “life is hectic” line is a bit of an understatement – life is mind-boggling mad. That is why you have to take some time out at the end of the day to unwind and relax, to spend some time with “ME.”

The Upper Canada Soap staff is composed of amazing multi-tasking women who have crazy schedules, but they all have hobbies or tasks that they do to relax. Therefore,  we wanted to show you how the Marketing Ladies at Upper Canada Soap unwind and ultimately, stay sane.

1. Exercise

Have you seen What Women Want? You know the line where Helen Hunt describes running as just you and the pavement? Well, it’s true. Running is something that our Marketing Director, Chantelle, uses to clear her mind. She also uses it to prepare for the day, because she does it in the morning. Editor’s Note: How she wakes up at 5:45AM everyday and straps on the runners is beyond us. Exercise is essential to a healthy life style and is a great de-stresor.

2. TV and Movies

Our Brand Manager, Adriana, loves to unwind in front of the TV. She makes her husband watch General Hospital with her every night and he hates it – but we think it’s adorable! Our Graphic Designer, Jenny, is  more of a movie gal and spends her time watching rom-coms . Is there anything like living vicariously through Rachel McAdams in The Notebook? Well, other than being Rachel McAdams when she was dating Ryan Gosling that is.

3. Pets

A ma- scratch that … woman’s best friend! There’s nothing better than opening your front door after a super long day to get greeted by your furry best friend. Tail wagging, tongue out and a big smile on his/her face – SO excited that you’re home.  The adorable dog you see before you is Olive. She belongs to our Graphic Designer, Sarah. After a long day making Upper Canada Soap look beautiful, Sarah spends her time playing with Olive at the dog park.

4. Bubble Bath

We all love and enjoy bubble baths!  Loving bubble baths is a must when you work at Upper Canada Soap. The ultimate favourite is the Naturally Signature Golden Maple Sugar bubble bath. We’ve said this once, and we will say it again, this will be the best $12 you spend.

Tell us, how do you unwind and relax?