Our Food Inspired Beauty Products Featured on Martha Stewart’s Blog, How Lovely!

The fabulous Martha Stewart has jumped on the blog train and has launched her own blog called “How Lovely.” Within this blog is a series called, “Food Inspired Beauty Ingredient.” This is a very relevant series because really … who doesn’t love fruity scents?! They’re one of the top selling scents in the beauty industry. In fact, many of our products are exploding with delicious fruity scents! As a result, we’re happy to say that two of Upper Canada Soap’s products from the Fruit Frappe collection have been featured not once, but twice this month! Check them out below. Fruit Frappe Dry Oil in Pear and Mangosteen ($14) This 2-phase Dry Body Oil is the perfect moisturizing nourishment for your skin. Spray all over and feel your skin transform into soft silk.   Fruit Frappe Whipped Hand Repair Balm in Cranberry Moro Orange ($10)  Cranberry Moro Orange – Comfort your hands with this nature-rich formulation. A unique blend of natural extracts work together to condition and soften your hard working hands. Made with all natural ingredients.   What’s your favourite fruity scent?  

Upper Canada Soap on Oprah.com. No Big Deal.


Of course, it’s a big deal! Upper Canada Soap’s Naturally Body Butter Balm made it onto Oprah.com’s  Top 13 Multipurpose Beauty Products list! The moment I found out, the clouds parted and a gospel choir appeared, singing, “Hallelujah.” Since I was a little girl, I was always in love with all things Oprah. As children, you grow up answering the biggest question of all: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Every time this question was asked in class, hands shot up into the air. When picked, each kid would yell out, “Astronaut!,” “Skateboarder!,” or “Dentist!” Not I, my friends … not I. When the teacher asked me what I wanted to be, I sat up straight, in a zen-like state, looked into her eyes and calmly yet confidently stated, “Oprah.” True story. The best thing about this miraculous, once-in-a-lifetime event is that it got the word out about Upper Canada Soap as a fresh and innovative bath, body and beauty company that produces fabulous products! In addition, the article put a spotlight on one of our best selling items – the Naturally Body Butter Balm. This is why it made it onto Oprah’s list: 1.  It moisturizes cracked heels 2.  Hydrates dry elbows 3.  Conditions lips 4.  Nourishes cuticles 5.  Grooms your eyebrows 6.  Comforts a chapped nose 7.  Softens dry hands 8.  Tames flyaway hair That’s amazing! Show me a man who can multi-task as well as the Naturally Body Butter Balm and I will marry
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