Top 3 Holiday Chick Flicks

The holidays just aren’t the holidays without the films. What’s better than a hot cup of cocoa and a Christmas film that mixes in serendipitous meet cutes, cheesy romantic lines, witty banter and the fact that love does exist (does it really? Seriously? I’m not bitter.) this holiday season? With that being said, I’ve asked the Marketing Ladies at Upper Canada Soap what their favourite holiday chick flicks were … and this is what I got!  1. The Holiday  Everyone at Upper Canada Soap loves “The Holiday.” I certainly do. It’s a heart felt and funny film about two ladies (Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) who live worlds a part. After being fed up with love and all of the things that come with it (mostly drama), they exchange homes and start a “new life” over the Christmas holidays. Kate Winslet’s character ends up in LA with Jack Black as a love interest; and Cameron Diaz ends up in Surrey, England with JUDE LAW (swoonsies) as a love interest.  Best line: “Why does it bug you so much that I can’t cry?!”  – Cameron Diaz to her ex-boyfriend.   2. Love Actually     “Love Actually” was second on the list. It’s a film that follows the lives of eight very different couples as they deal with their love lives a month before Christmas in London, England. It also so happens that everyone is connected in one way or another. I love when this happens. It’s a feel good film with memorable romantic
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