Our 5 Must-Have Travel Accessories

October 12, 2011 in Fashion, Life

As the season of cooler weather approaches many of us are making travel plans to escape to a sunny destination this winter.  With that in mind we wanted to share our 5 favourite travel accessories that Upper Canada Soap and Danielle Creations have to offer.

1.  Must-Have Travel Bags

For all of your personal care items you will need while travelling  Danielle Creations has a wide array of travel bags to ensure you can travel with ease and style.  Here are just some of the travel cases we have to offer, click the image to see all of the product options and details on our site.

2.  In-Flight Bags

Though in-flight travel size containers are only mandatory if you want to carry on your lotions and potions it is always nice to take comfort that if you do bring these travel size items in addition to your larger sizes in one of the above bags you will never be without your must have personal care items.  These in-flight totes come with the TSA approved containers inside for you to fill with whatever liquids and gels you need while travelling.  The cases come in three neutral colours, black, gold or pewter which make a great gift for any traveller.

3.  A Great Mirror

We have all been in a hotel room where the lighting is awful trying to do your daily beauty routine, make up application or shaving for the guys would be next to impossible.  Enter our fantastic suction cup mirror.  This mirror has a 6x magnification on the front and suction cups on the back so you can take it to where the light is best and use it there.  The mirror comes in a large or small size to suit your travel needs.  This is also a great option to keep in your carry-on if you are flying so you can freshen up at your seat on the plane instead of the stuffy, uncomfortable bathroom.  The suction cups will stick to any smooth surface, like the back of your meal tray for instance.

4.  Manicure Sets

Perfect for travelling or to keep in your purse daily our manicure sets are your hands best friend.  There is nothing worse then being away from home and having a broken or chipped nail…or worse a painful hangnail and not being able to do anything about it.  Our manicure kits are perfect for that as they are small enough to take on the go and stylish enough that you won’t be ashamed to pull it out in public.

5.  Body Butter Balm Stick

If any product is a must-have for travel or for any day when you are on the go our Body Butter Balm Stick is it!  Our balm stick provides moisture where you need it most while in the go in a no-mess stick.  Not only is the a product made of 100% natural ingredients it also is a major moisture power player.  You can use this wonder stick in 8 different ways:

1.  Moisturize cracked heels

2.  Hydrate dry elbows

3.  Condition lips

4.  Nourish cuticles

5.  Groom your eyebrows

6.  Comfort a chapped nose

7.  Soften dry hands

8.  Tame flyaway hair

This product is literally useful from your head to your toes!

In addition to our top 5 travel must-haves we also carry travel sets of some of your favourite Upper Canada lotions and bath products.  Click on the image below to check out our travel set options.  Happy trails!