Mirror Knowledge: 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Mirror

May 23, 2012 in Beauty

A mirror is the true reflection of beauty. Most people overlook the fact that a good, high quality mirror is one of the most important beauty tools that you can have. If we lived in a world without mirrors, everyone would be walking around with lip stick on their upper lip or mascara on their eyebrows … don’t even get me started on the eyebrows! I digress. When it comes to beauty, a mirror is your BFF; therefore, choosing the right mirror (one that fits you) is crucial.

Our sister company, Danielle Creations, is a leading expert in mirrors. From fashion-forward vanity mirrors to wall mount mirrors, Danielle Creations has it covered. Below are a few mirror tips/facts to take into consideration when looking for a mirror that suits your home decor and, more importantly, you!

  • Besides aesthetics, the magnification is the most important feature (especially if you have weaker eyesight)
  • The curve used to create the magnification is a very precise science and precision of these mirrors delivers the utmost quality
  • The stronger the magnification, the better the vision and the larger the face/area becomes
  • Magnification ranges from 2x to 12x. If you look from a distance into a highly magnified mirror you will appear upside down. You need to look at it from close up to see the enlarged image straight up (we get asked why this happens a lot :))
  • 1x or true image means no magnification. The image in the mirror appears as it does in real life
  • Fluorescent lighting provides ultimate brightness for maximum vision
  • Fluorescent light bulbs last longer than the incandescent dual lights and are environmentally friendly

If you have any questions about mirrors, please comment below and we’ll back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, click here to shop for the perfect mirror for you from Danielle Creations!