Ingredients 101: Acai Berry

February 22, 2012 in Beauty

Before the Goji Berry explosion, there was the Acai Berry. Pronounced “A-Sa’i”, this super berry can be found on the Acai palm tree, which is often located in the beautiful rain forests of the Amazon in Brazil and South America. This fruit has gained a lot of recognition for its distinctive beneficial properties over the other berries of its class – and has been sold all around the world in various products like energy drinks,  juices and sodas.

It is argued that the Acai Berry is one of the most nutritious food that you can add into your diet. It benefits you in many ways; it is good for cleansing the body against harmful toxins that are present in the system. The daily intake of Acai Berry can flush away the excess fats and cholesterol so that you can easily maintain or lose weight.

Acai Berries contain excellent antioxidants, which are little powerful molecules containing tons of health benefits. It is one of the largest carriers of antioxidants, which is why our Fruit Frappe Watermelon with Acai line is jam-packed with Acai Extract – along with nine other antioxidant Superfruits (a fruit which combines exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant quality with appealing taste).

Fun Fact: One Acai Berry contains up to 30 times more antioxidants than other well known Superfruits, such as blueberries and grapes.

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