Heartbreak: Losing a Trusty Hair Stylist

November 15, 2011 in Beauty

It’s a beautiful fall day and I’m sitting here, depressed,  listening to the emotional ballads of Canadian songstress, Jan Arden. This is why … I just called my hair salon to book an appointment and was greeted with terrible news. My trusted hair stylist that I’ve been seeing for years has moved back home to Ottawa.

“No! You’re totally punking me!” I politely yelled. The receptionist confirmed that she was, in fact, not punking me … and no, she doesn’t know Ashton Kutcher. I replied with a slew of questions, but I knew that any answer I’d receive would not undo this pain and, ultimately, un-break my heart (sorry – was just listening to Toni Braxton this morning). More importantly, it would not bring back my beloved hair stylist – who had magical hands and a penchant for all things wonderful.

I confided with my friends about this situation and they all replied with, “I’m sorry for your loss.” They went on to tell me a story about how they, too, have lost a dear hair stylist. My friend, Christian, followed one hair stylist from salon to salon for 11 years until he couldn’t anymore. My friend, Kim, reminisced about her lovely hair stylist, Courtney, whom she had to leave behind when she graduated University. This made me think … how can one person that you see every two or three months have such an impact on your life?

It’s simple. A hair stylist is more than just someone who fashions your coif. They’re confidants – someone that you can tell anything and I mean ANYTHING to without feeling judged. They’re therapists – with all of the info you’re dishing them, they always have something to say without being bias. More importantly, they’re friends – they greet you with a smile, a warm beverage, and are always there for you – until they move back home without leaving a single note. I digress.

Am I being a tad dramatic? Overly. Is it because the song that is currently on is “I would die for you” by Jan Arden? Maybe. Am I just a girl, sitting in front of a computer monitor, typing out the same pain that many men and women before me have felt in this situation? Absolutely.

Have you lost a trusty hair stylist? Tell us your story.