[Movember] Introducing His Moustache Grooming Kit

November 8, 2012 in Beauty, Fashion, In the Media

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to support Men’s Cancer Research Movember just got a little bit more stylish with this high quality Moustache Grooming Kit.Perfect for the moustache enthusiast, this kit contains stainless steel scissors, a styling comb and a faux leather carrying case in the shape of a moustache. It’s fun, awesome and supports an important and worthy cause.  

5 Simple Tips on How to Prevent Make-up from Melting

June 21, 2012 in Beauty

As Canadians, we love the summer heat. We bask in it. We frolic in it. Then, we complain about it. It’s true. However, this week, every single complaint made about the weather is warranted because this heat wave is downright ridiculous. Ridiculous! With that being said, raise your hand if you leave your home in the morning with perfect make-up and five minutes later, you resemble a female version of Alice Cooper. You and me both. Don’t worry – we have you covered with these 5 simple steps on how to prevent your make-up from melting off in this heat wave. 1. Oil is as guilty as sweat when it comes to melting make-up. Skin tends to produce more oil in the summer months, so make sure to use an oil preventative cleanser and blot your face with absorbent paper before applying make-up. 2. The natural look is coveted during the summer. Therefore, the less make-up worn, the better. This also equates to less make-up melting off of your face at a BBQ, or worse, a hot date. Instead, skip the foundation and use an oil-free bronzer or tinted moisturizer with a minimum SPF level of 15 or higher. 3. Waterproof make-up = God’s gift to women in the summer months. Try using a waterproof or water resistant mascara and eyeliner. Test out how “waterproof” they are by having a hot shower when applied. If they can stand the heat in the shower, they can stand the heat outside. 4.
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5 Excellent Moisturizers for the Summer

June 1, 2012 in Beauty


Now that the hot summer weather is rolling in, more people are baring their skin in cute dresses and shorts.  With that being said, it’s important to consider what moisturizers to use to ensure that your skin continues to look fabulous. After all, your skin is the one outfit that you’ll wear for life, so take care of it.  Body Butters are an absolutely wonderful and effective option, but you should save them for the winter as they’re quite thick and heavy. Lotions are lighter and easier to apply, making them the best choice for the summer. Here are our top 5 lotions for the summer!  1. Fruit Frappé Apricot with Kiwi Body Lotion ($14) This deliciously fragranced Body Lotion is loaded with Shea Butter and 10 antioxidant Superfruits to keep skin moisturized and smooth.   2. Naturally Pressed Olive Avocado Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion ($14) A proactive way to keep hands and body well moisturized. This fast absorbing Hand & Body Lotion is formulated to keep skin hydrated and nourished daily. Made with all natural ingredients.   3. Freshly Cut Silky Lavender infused with Lemon Hand & Body Lotion ($13) Formulated with glycerin, sweet almond and grape seed oils to keep skin beautifully soft and silky smooth. 4. Body Truffles Cocoa Mango Body Creme ($12) Cover your skin in a velvety layer of softness! A rich blend of Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter will leave your skin silky smooth. 5. Naturally Signature White Tea Ginger
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Mirror Knowledge: 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Mirror

May 23, 2012 in Beauty

A mirror is the true reflection of beauty. Most people overlook the fact that a good, high quality mirror is one of the most important beauty tools that you can have. If we lived in a world without mirrors, everyone would be walking around with lip stick on their upper lip or mascara on their eyebrows … don’t even get me started on the eyebrows! I digress. When it comes to beauty, a mirror is your BFF; therefore, choosing the right mirror (one that fits you) is crucial. Our sister company, Danielle Creations, is a leading expert in mirrors. From fashion-forward vanity mirrors to wall mount mirrors, Danielle Creations has it covered. Below are a few mirror tips/facts to take into consideration when looking for a mirror that suits your home decor and, more importantly, you! Besides aesthetics, the magnification is the most important feature (especially if you have weaker eyesight) The curve used to create the magnification is a very precise science and precision of these mirrors delivers the utmost quality The stronger the magnification, the better the vision and the larger the face/area becomes Magnification ranges from 2x to 12x. If you look from a distance into a highly magnified mirror you will appear upside down. You need to look at it from close up to see the enlarged image straight up (we get asked why this happens a lot :)) 1x or true image means no magnification. The image in the mirror appears as it does in
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7 Steps to the Perfect Manicure

May 2, 2012 in Beauty

It’s time to pamper yourself with a manicure. A DIY manicure to be exact! We showed you how to get the perfect DIY pedicure with our Best Selling All About Feet collection. Now,  we’re shifting the focus to your lovely hands and fingernails. As you may know, it’s really important to take care of your hands – to make sure that they’re always healthy and rejuvenated. One of the main reasons is that your hands show the true signs of aging. Therefore, they must not be neglected in your beauty regimen. Keep them looking beautiful with these simple at-home manicure tips! 1. Remove Old Nail Polish 2. Trim Nails Make sure not to trim your nails too short as you want to be able to file them into your desired shape. Our Swarovski Crystal Soft Touch Manicure Set ($25) contains high quality, stainless steel nail implements to make your manicure a breeze! 3. File Nails The trend is a shortish nail, straight across the top with rounded edges. File your nails in one direction starting at the edges and moving toward the top. Try our All About Hands Nail File ($5). 3. Soak Fingers Soak your fingers in our relaxing All About Hands’ Hand and Nail Soak ($5) to  soften up cuticles. 5. Push Back Cuticles Use the Cuticle Pusher from our THINK PINK Manicure Set ($25).  Be sure not to cut your cuticles as it can cause infection and damage the nail. FYI – $0.50 per THINK PINK Manicure
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Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready with a DIY Pedicure

March 29, 2012 in Beauty, Fashion

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and you’re happier than ever! The reason? It’s Spring! … and Summer is just around the corner! Woohoo! So, throw away those clunky winter boots and break out the sandals! BUT WAIT! Before you do, take a good look at your feet and ask yourself … are my feet sandal ready? It might be an odd question to ask, but feet are often the most neglected, and you want to make sure that they’re in tip top shape for the warm weather. Some might prefer to go out for a pedicure, but if you’re more hands on then follow these steps into achieving a fabulous pedicure: Step 1: Remove nail polish and soak feet for 10-15 minutes in our All About Feet Revitalizing Foot Salt Soak ($14). This step does more than clean your feet, it also softens dead skin cells in preparation for exfoliation. Step 2: Exfoliate and get ride of the dead skin cells with our All About Feet Exfoliating Foot Scrub ($14). Our combination of Walnut Shell and Apricot Seed will scrub away calloused skin while Shea Butter and Peppermint Oil soothe, cool and replenish your skin’s moisture. Add a dollop of the scrub and rub in a circular motion. Step 3: Buff away bumps and calluses with our All About Feet Frosted Foot File ($6). Using a back-and-forth motion, lightly scrape your heels and the bottoms of your feet, and your toes. Make sure that you’re gentle, as
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[NEW] Sweet Indulgence Bath and Beauty Products

March 22, 2012 in Beauty


Just in time for Easter! The world is going gaga over cupcakes, sprinkles and all things yummy! This adorable bubble bath and beauty accessories collection offers a bevy of the best of both worlds – delectable cupcakes without the calories! SHOP NOW

Ingredients 101: Avocado

March 14, 2012 in Beauty

Avocados are one of the best fruits (yup, it’s a fruit) for your skin and body. Not only are they delicious, but they’re packed with carotenoids! Avocados are a great source of lutein, a carotenoid that works as an antioxidant and helps protect against eye disease. They also contain the related cartenoids zeaxanthin, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, as well as Vitamin E. In addition, avocados are rich in oleic acid, a fat that activates that part of your brain that makes you feel full, and helps lower cholesterol. If you’re trying to shed some inches before bathing suit season, this might just be the perfect food for you! Avocado oil is valued most for its moisturizing properties. Because it’s a natural oil,  it’s one of the easiest ingredients to absorb into the skin. This means that the quicker you rub on our All About Hands Revitalizing Hand Lotion, the faster your skin will get the hydration and nourishment that it craves. Fun Fat: Avocado Oil is used widely for medicinal purposes of treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema – as the high moisture content relives itching and dryness. All About Hands Daily Moisture Hand Lotion ($14)  

5 Excellent Exfoliating Products

February 26, 2012 in Beauty


Get your skin Spring ready by exfoliating! Exfoliating your skin (face and body) should be a part of your beauty regimen all year around, and is definitely necessary during the winter. By doing it, you’re able to remove old, dead skin cells that cling to the skin’s outermost surface. When done correctly, exfoliation leaves your skin feeling smoother and fresher looking. Combined with a great moisturizer and many glasses of water a day, your skin will look nothing but beautiful!  To help you out, we’ve listed the top 5 must-have exfoliating products from Upper Canada Soap:   Naturally Coarse Salt Scrub ($16) Wild Mint Lime – Made with mineral rich dead sea salt, this body scrub provides the ultimate exfoliation while it soothes and remineralizes the skin; leaving it super soft and well nourished. Exfoliating Shower Gloves ($5) Cleanse and exfoliate all-in-one! Just add soap. Bamboo Facial Pad ($3) The perfect sized pad for a facial cleanse! Use the sisal side to exfoliate, and the Bamboo side for a gentle clean. Features a hand strap and loop for hanging. Made with Rayon from Bamboo.  2-in-1 Bamboo Back Polisher ($7) The perfect shower accessory to cleanse and exfoliate skin in those hard-to-reach places. Luxurious soft bamboo for cleansing and 100% looped polyester for exfoliating will leave your skin feeling smooth and polished. Made with Rayon from Bamboo. Loofah Bath Mitt ($7) This multi-use Bath Mitt offers the fabulous skincare benefits of Natural Loofah on one side to exfoliate, and a soft luxurious side to gently
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Ingredients 101: Acai Berry

February 22, 2012 in Beauty


Before the Goji Berry explosion, there was the Acai Berry. Pronounced “A-Sa’i”, this super berry can be found on the Acai palm tree, which is often located in the beautiful rain forests of the Amazon in Brazil and South America. This fruit has gained a lot of recognition for its distinctive beneficial properties over the other berries of its class – and has been sold all around the world in various products like energy drinks,  juices and sodas. It is argued that the Acai Berry is one of the most nutritious food that you can add into your diet. It benefits you in many ways; it is good for cleansing the body against harmful toxins that are present in the system. The daily intake of Acai Berry can flush away the excess fats and cholesterol so that you can easily maintain or lose weight. Acai Berries contain excellent antioxidants, which are little powerful molecules containing tons of health benefits. It is one of the largest carriers of antioxidants, which is why our Fruit Frappe Watermelon with Acai line is jam-packed with Acai Extract – along with nine other antioxidant Superfruits (a fruit which combines exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant quality with appealing taste). Fun Fact: One Acai Berry contains up to 30 times more antioxidants than other well known Superfruits, such as blueberries and grapes. Fruit Frappe Watermelon with Acai Foaming Shower Gel ($12)