Calling all Gardeners!

May 20, 2016 in Fashion, Life, Uncategorized

May long weekend is the official start of gardening season! If you have yet to Plan the Ultimate Weekend Getaway and find yourself at home gardening we have some tips to make your garden the envy of your neighbourhood.

  • Determine the amount of space you’ll want to dedicate to your garden. Take into account as plants grow they will cover more square footage.
  • Set a budget and amount of time to dedicate to maintaining your outdoor space. Planting can become a large commitment both financially and time wise, start off with a few plants then continually add more.
  • Inspect soil – noting sunlight, and accessibility to water. Each plant flourishes in different soil compositions, to make the most of your garden pick up a soil testing kit at a local hardware or plant nursery to check soil nutrients. Depending on the space you’ve selected be mindful if it has access to sunlight and rain. This will save you from continually watering your plants even when it rains.
  • Take photos to capture before and afters. Remember it will only become better in time.
  • Don’t forget proper tools! Make a check list of everything you’ll need, helps to make shopping an ease and spend more time gardening.
  • Select plants to compliment your current landscaping and suit your lifestyle. If you’re like me and am not well skilled in gardening, consider plants with low maintenance and grow back every year.
  • Clean up the surrounding yard. Cut the grass, prune, and remove any dead branches/shrubs.
  • Map out where to place each plant before embedding anything into the ground. Once a plant starts to spread its roots transplanting will be a much more difficult task.
  • Time to get planting and have fun! Most activities are more fun in groups, have a planning party! Take pictures along the way to see progress and keep up with your growing “Green Thumbs”.
  • Final tips: If getting your hands dirty isn’t something you enjoy try scrapping your nails on a soap bar prior to working with soil to avoid particles from getting stuck under your nails or wear gloves.


Gardening is some dirty work and always leaves my hands wrecked! This week my favorite product is the Intensive Hand Care Cream from the Gardener‘s Line – perfect way to rejuvenate your hands!

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