My Take on Celebrity Fashion Lines

November 24, 2011 in Fashion, Uncategorized

I went to the Jayz and Kanye West concert last night at the Air Canada Center and was BLOWN away. Literally, they had fire shooting from the stage. I digress. On my way to the concert, I saw a large and shiny black trailer with “Rocawear” painted across it in big block letters.  Then, it dawned on me that aside from being EPIC and Beyonce’s baby daddy, Jay-Z is also a fashion aficionado. He owns his very own clothing line that blends streetwear with runway styles called, Rocawear. In fact, it seems that every celebrity has their own clothing line.

This leads me to ask one question, would you purchase a sweater because you liked it or because it’s from Gwen Stefani’s line, LAMB? I think … purchasing a sweater from a celebrity line is not like purchasing one that was produced by an established fashion house like Versace, Prada or Dolce and Gabanna. When asked who made your sweater, you can’t bashfully smile and say, “Oh, it’s Jessica Simpson,” like you can when it’s Versace. Isn’t that one of the main reasons most of us fall victim to a gorgeous designer piece? Having a piece from a celebrity line doesn’t hold the same cache as it does if it were from Miu Miu. Am I right or am I right?

Actually, if you take a step back and look at 90% of the celebrity fashion lines, most are made for the common person – in that anyone can wear their pieces and it’s not so high fashion that a shirt is just a peacock feather and chickpea fashioned by a fishing line. Their clothes are targeted at their fans and are, in most cases, affordable. Jessica Simpson, LAMB (Gwen Stefani), Sean John (P. Diddy), Baby Phat (Kimora) and even House of Dereon by none other than Jay-Z’s baby momma have pieces that are attainable by someone like myself. I’ve seen them all at Winners! Heck, even Justin Timberlake’s line, William Rast, was featured at Target (or “Targé” to make it sound fancy). This is a multi-billion dollar business, and that is why most celebs jump on the bandwagon.


However, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham and the Olsen Twins have gone a different route and are more haute couture which automatically means that their lines are not affordable and probably made of some kind of rare fleece. But you know what? It works for them because they’re celebrity fashion icons who have impeccable taste. Fashion is something that they’re passionate about and have translated their penchant for it into their own lines. Power to them!

What’s your favourite celebrity fashion line? Comment below!