5 Simple Tips on How to Prevent Make-up from Melting

June 21, 2012 in Beauty

As Canadians, we love the summer heat. We bask in it. We frolic in it. Then, we complain about it. It’s true. However, this week, every single complaint made about the weather is warranted because this heat wave is downright ridiculous. Ridiculous!

With that being said, raise your hand if you leave your home in the morning with perfect make-up and five minutes later, you resemble a female version of Alice Cooper. You and me both. Don’t worry – we have you covered with these 5 simple steps on how to prevent your make-up from melting off in this heat wave.

1. Oil is as guilty as sweat when it comes to melting make-up. Skin tends to produce more oil in the summer months, so make sure to use an oil preventative cleanser and blot your face with absorbent paper before applying make-up.

2. The natural look is coveted during the summer. Therefore, the less make-up worn, the better. This also equates to less make-up melting off of your face at a BBQ, or worse, a hot date. Instead, skip the foundation and use an oil-free bronzer or tinted moisturizer with a minimum SPF level of 15 or higher.

3. Waterproof make-up = God’s gift to women in the summer months. Try using a waterproof or water resistant mascara and eyeliner. Test out how “waterproof” they are by having a hot shower when applied. If they can stand the heat in the shower, they can stand the heat outside.

4. Sticking with the natural theme, use a light lip balm instead of a sticky lip gloss or coloured lipstick. Try our Naturally Signature Goji Berry Hemp Moisturizing Lip Balm ($5).

5. Blotting papers will be your best friend in this heat. If your face develops a shine or patches of oil, blot with the paper and you’re good to go!

As we always say, take care of your skin because it’s the one outfit that you’ll wear every day for life. Therefore, make sure to always cover up or wear sunblock before heading out into the sun. Also, drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Water is the best beauty tool you have in your kit.

Tell us, do you have any tips on how to prevent your make-up from melting?