5 Excellent Moisturizers for the Summer

June 1, 2012 in Beauty

Now that the hot summer weather is rolling in, more people are baring their skin in cute dresses and shorts.  With that being said, it’s important to consider what moisturizers to use to ensure that your skin continues to look fabulous. After all, your skin is the one outfit that you’ll wear for life, so take care of it.  Body Butters are an absolutely wonderful and effective option, but you should save them for the winter as they’re quite thick and heavy. Lotions are lighter and easier to apply, making them the best choice for the summer. Here are our top 5 lotions for the summer!

 1. Fruit Frappé Apricot with Kiwi Body Lotion ($14)

This deliciously fragranced Body Lotion is loaded with Shea Butter and 10 antioxidant Superfruits to keep skin moisturized and smooth.


2. Naturally Pressed Olive Avocado Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion ($14)

A proactive way to keep hands and body well moisturized. This fast absorbing Hand & Body Lotion is formulated to keep skin hydrated and nourished daily. Made with all natural ingredients.


3. Freshly Cut Silky Lavender infused with Lemon Hand & Body Lotion ($13)

Formulated with glycerin, sweet almond and grape seed oils to keep skin beautifully soft and silky smooth.

4. Body Truffles Cocoa Mango Body Creme ($12)

Cover your skin in a velvety layer of softness! A rich blend of Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter will leave your skin silky smooth.

5. Naturally Signature White Tea Ginger Hand & Body Lotion ($16)

Specially formulated with nourishing Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, this hand and body lotion will keep skin soft and healthy.


BONUS: Fruit Frappé Grapefruit with Gooseberry Dry Body Oil Spray($14)

This 2-phase Dry Body Oil is the perfect moisturizing nourishment for your skin. Spray all over and feel your skin transform into soft silk.


Which lotion have you tried and which one do you list best? Let us know below!