[Exclusive Premiere] The Awesome Canadian Woman Video

January 30, 2012 in Beauty, Entertainment, Featured


To thank you for being our readers, we wanted YOU to be one of the FIRST to view the AWESOME CANADIAN WOMAN video. Since 1969, Upper Canada Soap has celebrated women and all things Canadian. Watch how with one application of Naturally Signature Golden Maple Sugar product, this Canadian woman turns into the AWESOME CANADIAN WOMAN. Watch. Enjoy. SHARE.    

5 Naturally Body Butters that Will Make You Melt

January 5, 2012 in Beauty

Combat the terrible effects of winter on your skin with our luxurious Naturally body butters. A truly decadent body moisturizer; rich in natural antioxidants, this body butter smoothes, moisturizes and protects your deserving skin. They’re also made with all natural ingredients. Our Naturally Collection carries body butters in five delicious scents: Sweet Vanilla Fig ($14) Cranberry Moro Orange ($14) Pressed Olive Avacado ($14) Wild Mint Lime ($14) Warm Honey Nectar ($14)