20 Reasons Your Dad is Awesome

June 16, 2013 in Featured, Uncategorized

To all the committed fathers, Upper Canada Soap is wishing  you a happy and safe Father’s Day. 


Its days like these which are meant for us to take the time and reflect upon what makes our Fathers exceptional. What makes a man a father? Is it his sense of humour? Is it his strong hands, beard or the way he makes a great steak? Is it his ability to comfort, love and support you? One thing for sure is that it takes a unique combination of these special traits to make a man your dad. 

Upper Canada Soap wants to take the time to recognize the amazing Fathers out there who made a conscious decision to be the best dad to their children. If you love your dad for one of the following reasons, let him know!

-He held you as a baby

-He makes you laugh

-He has a mustache

-He doesn`t have a mustache

-He combed your hair

-He taught you how to play sports

-He took you to ball games

-He walked you down the aisle

-He held your first born

-He loves being Grandpa

-He taught you the value of hard work

-He makes you smile

-He loves your mom

-He can`t text message

-He doesn`t know what an iPad is

-He knows how to waltz

-He wears his pants really high

-He says things wrong

-He can grill a mean steak

-He loves you